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Born and raised on the prairies, Sylvia St. Cyr has a voracious appetite for adventure. Whether she’s hiking through the forest, scaling the Grand Canyon, or simply biking with her family, Sylvia’s always on the lookout for God’s handiwork in creation. 


Encouraging people is woven into Sylvia’s DNA. Since 2020 she’s been doing just that as a radio DJ at CHVN 95.1 FM in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Never a dull moment, part of her job is constantly meeting new people and sharing their testimonies of God’s faithfulness on air.


Sylvia comes alive when she has a mic in her hand, and that includes the times when she finds herself in front of a large audience. Her passion is ignited when she gets to share her heart about each person’s worth in Christ, believing that this is where a fearless life stems from. 


In her spare time, Sylvia writes non-fiction books. Her first published work, Love vs. Fear brings 1 John 4:18 to life, guiding readers to remember where their help comes from and the grand God we serve. Her second book is in the works and will be ready soon. 


Compassion is vital to living interconnected with our fellow man and Sylvia’s heart cares for the vulnerable and lost. This includes women and children caught in human trafficking as well as those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. 


God has blessed Sylvia with a loving and supportive husband, Shaun. Together they have two amazing children, Zevry and Moxie. Other than her relationship with God the Father, Sylvia’s family comes before any other passion. As she always says, parenting is the hardest, and best adventure there is!


Sylvia St. Cyr

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