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Growing Your Roots for Lasting Success

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

If you are a gardener, taking the time to get your soil ready, and planting your seeds is an exciting process. As you take the time to till the soil, dig up old roots, and remove them, you are getting ready to plant new life.

When the day arrives that you believe the frost will not show it’s face for another couple months, you plant your seeds. Each row, you dig a trench, plant your stake, and then slowly but surely drop your seeds into the hollowed out soil. You walk the rows, putting dirt over each trench, pat it down, then repeat. Next, you add water to each row you’ve just planted.

Now what? You wait.

This can be the hardest part about planting the seeds. You’ve taken the time and care to prepare the soil so it will be a nice home for these seeds, but the progress is invisible to the naked eye.

Sometimes for weeks you wait. Going out to that garden over and over. Still no growth. Or so you think.

Planting a garden is a beautiful analogy for living our best lives. To get the best results, you need to take the time to prepare yourself, prepare the soil of your heart for the seed that is to come.

Just like a garden that you have prepared and planted, at first it looks like nothing is happening. Each day you look and nothing seems to be going on. But the truth is there is much activity underneath the surface. The plants roots are growing. That seed will shoot out and the first root will find its way down into the soil to anchor itself. Then it will root itself, growing offshoots of more and more roots.

For a plant to succeed and survive above ground, it must have deep and strong roots. The same goes for you and I!

To succeed at anything; gaining a career you love, becoming a parent, becoming a spouse, or going after a dream of yours; you must have deep and strong roots.

Growing your root system, or foundation for what you are hoping to accomplish can be tedious. It can be stressful in the fact that you are not seeing results as fast as you like. Or maybe others are not seeing these results that you speak of.

Either way, rooting yourself is so vital to lasting in whatever you are hoping to achieve.

I am in the process of publishing my first book, Love vs. Fear. It is launching this September.

Long before this, I was rooting myself deeper and deeper, underneath the surface. For my journey, this entailed journalling, reading many books in the same genre, prayer, and years of researching the topic I was writing about. All of this looked like nothing to the average person.

For me, it sometimes felt like nothing.

If you happen to be feeling this same way, that the little things that you are doing towards your goals and dreams doesn’t feel like much to you, let me encourage you that this foundation is so important to your success. Keep on going!

When the time is right for your plant to break through the surface of the soil and blossom, you will have the strong root system to sustain it!

“If you do that, you’ll be like the man who wanted to build a sturdy house. He dug down deep and anchored his foundation to solid rock. During a violent storm, the floodwaters slammed against the house, but they couldn’t shake it because of solid craftsmanship. [It was built upon rock.]” – Luke 6:48

Continue doing what your doing so that when the time is right, you will blossom and be able to stand tall!

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