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How to Be an Everyday Hero

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

What type of person comes to mind when you hear the word “hero”? Is it simply the people who go to extraordinary lengths to help mankind? Do you envision firefighters, doctors, and paramedics?

Today I want to talk about the everyday heroes that are all around us. Off the top of your head you may not think of anyone. But upon a closer look, I’m sure you’ll find lots of people around you who are everyday heroes!

When I think of the everyday hero, this is what comes to my mind.

You know that kid who no one really talks to and everyone calls a loner? I do. You see that other child walk up to this “loner” one day at school to sit, talk, and eat lunch with her?

Everyday hero.

How about that guy you knew back in school. Didn’t he become a dad a few years ago? But his dad left him to be the “man” of the house when he wasn’t even a teen. Do you see him take the time to listen to his children’s point of view now?

Everyday hero.

How about that time when you were having the worst day. You woke up and the kitchen was flooded. The day before, you just heard that your cousin passed away from an overdose, and now it all just feels like too much. As you pulled through the drive through on the way to work, the person in front of you paid for your coffee and breakfast sandwich and it totally made your day!

Everyday hero.

You see, you don’t have to wear a cape, climb a mountain, or put out fires to make a real and lasting change in someones life. Often all it takes is a little kindness.

Putting down your phone, making eye contact, and listening to the person speaking to you.

Lending a hand to someone when their arms are full.

Choosing to talk about your marriage instead of distancing yourself.

Shovelling the driveway beside yours because you can.

When describing love, 1 Corinthians 13 does it well. The first attribute of love? Patience. The second? Kindness.

People matter, not things. Relationships add depth, colour, and joy to life. Can it be messy? Of course! But filling our lives with the latest gadgets and neglecting those around us will never amount to true happiness.

Would you like to change the world? Do you want to be an everyday hero? It’s easier than you think! Spread love and kindness. You don’t even need to agree with everyone. In fact you can’t. But love sees past the surface and goes deep.

The first time I watched Lord of the Rings, this quote by Gandalf stayed with me.

“I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay, small act of kindness and love.”

How will you be an everyday hero today?

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