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Persistence Is the Key

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

For anyone who has ever accomplished a great feat in their lives, what is a trait they all have in common? Some might say it was hard work, talent, or perhaps “getting lucky”. But I believe a huge part of it is simply persistence.

Whether you are training for a marathon, writing a book, or going to school for a degree, there will be a point throughout the journey where you want to quit. Trust me, I’ve been there.

So how do you get to the end when there are ten thousand steps to take in your journey to reach the final goal? Especially when you can’t see the end in sight and you just want to give up? By persistently taking one step at a time, no matter how you feel.

During our morning devotions, I came across a passage that inspired me to keep going when I’m feeling weary.

Often, Jesus taught by sharing stories with his audience. I believe it’s because when we hear a lesson, it is much more effective when it’s done through stories we can picture ourselves in.

In Luke 11:5-7, Jesus shares a parable about someone needing bread for guests, and because they had none, they went to their neighbours (at midnight no less) and asked for their help.

Knocking on someone’s door at midnight for a favour? That’s a bold and potentially risky move, especially if your neighbour has children who are sleeping.

However, this is what Jesus says in response to this.

You know this as well as I do: even if you didn’t care that this fellow was your friend, if he keeps knocking long enough, you’ll get up and give him whatever he needs simply because of his brash persistence!” – Luke 11:8

It’s this “brash persistence”, this dogged tenacity that will see you through to the end. Once you’ve made up your mind that a specific accomplishment is what you’re supposed to pursue, let nothing hinder you from reaching the end!

When I was writing my first book, Love vs. Fear, I had set aside three days a week specifically to write. Getting started was the hardest part.

As I continued through the process, there were many days where it felt like I would never finish writing. There were other days where I felt like what I had written wasn’t any good. But each day I had set aside to write, I would simply sit down in front of my computer. Then, I would read what I had previously written and continue on from there.

Truly, the way I got to the end was to just keep going. In other words, persistence. It’s not because I’m special, super talented, or lucky. I just kept going.

As a woman who wants to get things done quickly and efficiently, I often find myself looking at the mountain top, and then immediately feeling overwhelmed. What helps me is to stop, take a breathe, and just take the next step in front of me, instead of trying to take twenty steps at once.

What are you trying to accomplish in life right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Does your target seems like it’s miles away?

If so, find some people to champion you on the journey, including someone that has already reached the mountain top. Then, just take that one next step towards the top. Eventually, you will reach the top, one step at a time, with persistence. Plus, when you reach the end, you’ll be able to champion the next person coming up!

After sharing the parable, the very next thing Jesus encouraged His listeners with, was this.

Keep on asking, and you will receive. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened for you.” – Luke 11:9

Persistence is the key! Keep on, warrior friends!

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